Lavazza Coffee Day – Video hero LAVAZZA – Coffee Day Social Video Hero Lavazza commissioned us to create an animated video for International Coffee Day. The theme was “Stories beyond coffee” Client: Lavazza Creative Producer: Raffaella Roccella Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo Character and Set Design: Marta Marzullo Storyboard: Alessandro Nobile Compositing: Marilisa Besana Animators: Ilaria Pozzi, SAra Crippa, Chiara Carnovale, Alessandro […]

Samsung Recycles Day

SAMSUNG Samsung Recycles Day video Cheil US reached us with a very cool brief about America Recycles Day celebration by Samsung. We were thirlled because we know that these kind of topics need a lot of care and attention!Together we developed the journey of a broken Samsung smartphone through its refurbishing process in their labs. […]

Cartoons on the Bay – TV Promo

RAI – Cartoons on the Bay TV Video Promo New collaboration with Rai for the production of a promotional video of the “cartoons on the Bay” animation festival. Client: RAI Chief of Brand & Creative: Roberto Bagatti Direction: Alkanoids Executive Producer: Raffaella Roccella Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo Illustration: Serena Gianoli 2D Animation: Alessandro Nobile, Marilisa Besana, […]

Salone del Mobile

Salone del Mobile

SALONE DEL MOBILE 60th Anniversary For the sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile we have built together with Emiliano Ponzi a story that spans all the decades from the sixties to today. Starting from Emiliano’s illustrations we have expanded the narration with our animations trying to transport the public to those past eras. Client: Salone del Mobile Illustration: […]

RAI – Libera

RAI Rai Libera video promotion Every year, on March 21st, the first day of spring, Libera celebrates the Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafia. The initiative stems from the pain of a mother who lost her son in the Capaci massacre and never heard his name pronounced during the commemorations. A pain […]

RAI – Raiplay Sound Promo

RAI Rai Play Sound video promotion RAI challenged us to tell a story of an ear, our main character, who’s able to travel through different listening formats: audio books, podcast, stories, music and more. This is a visual journey through Rai Play Sound, the platform entirely dedicated to digital listening, with the aim of becoming […]

CAMEL – Let’s find your instinct

CAMEL – LET’S FIND YOUR INSTINCT Live Augmented Reality Experience This Augmented Reality experience aims to find our own instinct, therefore our animals’ character will be presented in a moment of aggregation as during a jam session. Each animal, chosen by Camel for the launch of the exclusive packaging series, reveals its character through AR animation, expression of its […]

TOD’S – Roaring Holidays

TOD’S – ROARING HOLIDAYS Video Hero A big Christmas with tod’s! They asked us to translate the house of lions created for the shop windows in a magical Christmas video. It was a demanding and stimulating challenge, between design, tight deadlines, collaborations, precious materials, and infinite rendering. Client: TOD’S Direction: Alkanoids Executive Producer: Raffaella Roccella […]

TV8 – Italia’s Got Talent

TV8 – ITALIA’S GOT TALENT Promotional video We are super happy to show you this stunning collaboration with Stefano Colferai for the last promotion of Italia’s got talent show. We started from the idea, already thinking in the storyboard stage about how to fully exploit the potential of plasticine. Once the script was developed, other professionals […]

RAI – Xmas ID

RAI Channel christmas ID New 3 idents created for the 2021 Christmas campaign for all Rai channels. We used mixed animation techniques by blending 2D and 3D into a single fresh and original design. Client: RAI Chief of brand and creative RAI: Roberto Bagatti Direction: Alkanoids Design & Animation: Mario Ruggiero, Marco Meloni Music: Smider Did […]