Video Hero

A big Christmas with tod’s! They asked us to translate the house of lions created for the shop windows in a magical Christmas video.

It was a demanding and stimulating challenge, between design, tight deadlines, collaborations, precious materials, and infinite rendering.

Client: TOD’S 

Direction: Alkanoids 

Executive Producer: Raffaella Roccella 

Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo 

Coordinator: Stefania Romano 

Concept and Storyboard: Marilisa Besana 

Styleframe development: Mario Ruggiero,Valerio Bosi, Marilisa Besana 

3d design and animation: Mario Ruggiero, Marilisa Besana, Valerio Bosi 

Products modelling: Enrico Albanese, Mario Monteiro, Tommaso Montepoli, Jacopo Palermo, Daniele Farinazzo, Nicola Pireddu 

Products texturing: Tommaso Montepoli, Nicola Pireddu 

Lions modelling, texturing, shading, rigging and animation: Nicola Pireddu 

Static images rendering: Davide Pezza Sound design: Amplitudio studio

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