Live Augmented Reality Experience

This Augmented Reality experience aims to find our own instinct, therefore our animals’ character will be presented in a moment of aggregation as during a jam session.
Each animal, chosen by Camel for the launch of the exclusive packaging series, reveals its character through AR animation, expression of its preferred musical genre.  
A journey full of energy and vibrant colors accompanies us into the “Let’s find your Instinct” tour.

Cliente: All Communication for Camel

Direction: Alkanoids

Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo

Art direction: Marilisa Besana

Coordination: Stefania Romano

Concept & Storyboard: Marilisa Besana

Illustration: Marta Marzullo

Animation: Mario Ruggiero, Marilisa Besana, Davide Zetti, Marta Marzullo, Valerio Bosi

Augmented Reality supervisor: Manolo Turri

Sound: Amplitudo Studio