Samsung Recycles Day video

Cheil US reached us with a very cool brief about America Recycles Day celebration by Samsung.
We were thirlled because we know that these kind of topics need a lot of care and attention!
Together we developed the journey of a broken Samsung smartphone through its refurbishing process in their labs.
We started from a 2d frame by frame animation in which we exaggerated the tone of voice, combining 2d characted rigging and animation with Duik. Then we passed the ball to the 3D for modelling, shading and compositing the smartphones into the animation.
Client: Cheil US
Brand: Samsung
Alkanoids US Rep: Wearesnyder
Creative Direction: Tai Yhu Kuo
Creative Producer: Raffaella Roccella
Project Manager: Manolo Turri
Art direction: Marilisa Besana, Alessandro Nobile
Character design and Storyboard: Marilisa Besana
Frame by frame design and animation: Alessandro Nobile, Theo Adam
2d design and animation: Theo Adam, Alessandro Nobile
3d design and animation: Marilisa Besana, Valerio Bosi