Promotional video

We are super happy to show you this stunning collaboration with Stefano Colferai for the last promotion of Italia’s got talent show.

We started from the idea, already thinking in the storyboard stage about how to fully exploit the potential of plasticine. Once the script was developed, other professionals created the sets and helped us with the lighting while Stefano proceeded with the modeling of the characters. It took a full month of stop motion animation to get to the post-production phase and then to the final result.

It was a new, exciting and tiring journey, but the result completely repaid our efforts!


Client: TV8

TV8 Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda

TV8 Promo Production Manager: Tatiana Manca

Plasticine Artist: Stefano Colferai

Set Props: RIta Di Marco

Lighting: Emilio Gilberti

Artistic Supervision: Alkanoids

Talent: Joe Bastianich, Mara Maionchi, Lodovica Comello, Federica Pellegrini, Frank Matano.


3D toy production

At the end of the process we were asked to deliver durable versions of the characters (those in plasticine fall apart over time). So we turned to a studio that scanned and 3D printed our characters. The result you see is unique because it reflects the materiality of plasticine unlike other characters designed directly in 3D.