Barilla – AR packshot

BARILLA Artistic AR packshot Barilla asked us to create an engaging and immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for the launch of Barilla’s new type of pasta – with bronze drawing – showcasing the variety and roughness of their products. Our team developed a captivating 3D motion graphic animation in AR. By framing the new packaging using a smartphone, users […]

CAMEL – Let’s find your instinct

CAMEL – LET’S FIND YOUR INSTINCT Live Augmented Reality Experience This Augmented Reality experience aims to find our own instinct, therefore our animals’ character will be presented in a moment of aggregation as during a jam session. Each animal, chosen by Camel for the launch of the exclusive packaging series, reveals its character through AR animation, expression of its […]

Alchemica: when Art meets Digital

What happens when Art meets Digital? Read our last article on our Linkedin profile about Art and Digital. You can read it on our Medium profile or continue reading this page. [Augmented Reality] Alchemica: when art meet digital Alchemica is one of our most important side projects ever. Since we strongly believe in the power of side projects […]


ALCHEMICA When art meet digital Alchemica is a manifestation of Alkanoids’ spirit. Our work has always been about mingling, meeting, clashing, reacting to and sharing ideas and knowledge. Alchemica is an experiment and we are the catalysts. We have brought together illustrators, animators, sound designers and developers to face a challenge that is new for […]


THISCOVER This is what we do for thiscover project 1. What thiscover is? We are super happy to have joined the thiscover project by contributing with the creation of various animated covers. Thiscover is a project born from the passion for music and album covers that marked — and keep marking — the history of music […]

Panino Giusto /// AR Project

PANINO GIUSTO AR project We were called by Panino Giusto, the historic Milanese restaurant brand now widespread throughout Europe, to communicate their international certification to B-Corp (the first in Italy): a company that works responsibly, sustainably and transparently and pursues a purpose superior to profit, that is, a positive impact on people and the environment. […]

Skatebord Art in AR

AR SKATEBOARD Augmented Reality Skateboard Artistic project by BONOBOLABO in collaboration with various illustrators and the technical partnership with Augmented Reality platform ARIA. All AR skateboards are available for purchase at Artistic Project: Bonobolabo Animation Direction: Alkanoids Illustrator: Ale Giorgini, Van Orton, Mauro Gatti, Gummy Gue, Lilly Meraviglia, Nemo’s, Camilla Falsini, Laurina Paperina, Marcantonio, Millo Animator: […]