Artistic AR packshot

Barilla asked us to create an engaging and immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for the launch of Barilla’s new type of pasta – with bronze drawing – showcasing the variety and roughness of their products.
Our team developed a captivating 3D motion graphic animation in AR. By framing the new packaging using a smartphone, users could unlock a magical dance of different pasta shapes, bringing the packaging to life.
The AR animation showcased various pasta varieties, each pasta shape performed graceful movements, highlighting its unique characteristics and versatility.
The immersive nature of the experience allows users to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Barilla’s pasta range while leaving them with a strong desire to enjoy a delicious pasta dish.

Client: Omnicrom for Barilla

Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo

Executive Producer: Manolo Turri

Art Direction: Marilisa Besana

Houdini artist, Redshift materials support: Federico Bergamaschi