When art meet digital

Alchemica is a manifestation of Alkanoids’ spirit.

Our work has always been about mingling, meeting, clashing, reacting to and sharing ideas and knowledge. Alchemica is an experiment and we are the catalysts.

We have brought together illustrators, animators, sound designers and developers to face a challenge that is new for us too: creating an exhibit of original static artworks then bringing them to life with thrilling animation and making this possible for everyone through an application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone

This is where the real magic begins – adding this to the potion causes an experiential explosion that leaves you in awe each time you see it.

We refer to it as a post-digital experience because it puts people back in the spotlight and forces them to interact bringing our device back to (augmented) reality.

It is a small imaginary revolution and we don’t know where it will take us but we are enthusiastic and since we began we have learned a lot of new things. We have changed the way we look at things.

We hope you do too.

Welcome to Alchemica.