What happens when Art meets Digital?

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[Augmented Reality] Alchemica: when art meet digital

Alchemica is one of our most important side projects ever.

Since we strongly believe in the power of side projects we have tried to involve, since the birth of Alkanoids, creatives, and artists of various kinds, carrying on the keywords of our manifesto: search, test, share and repeat.

In the very first project in 2012 we experimented with the use of the Kinect, trying to make the interactive game dialogue with a refined aesthetic; the result: a lot of studies, great enthusiasm, and a beautiful crew of passionate designers.

Two years later we organized a creative and social workshop that would bring together for two days about fifteen illustrators and animators to test with a difficult theme to show: how to be a supervillain. A beautiful hospitality and sharing event that has expanded the boundaries of our community.

Over the years we have continued to experiment with various techniques and topics with the aim of growing, having fun, and at the same time being a point of reference for our clients.

We wanted to be the ones indicated as a reference for the works: I want to do it as Alkanoids, not chase the works of others (which however we follow and obviously inspire us).

With Alchemica we went further. It was 2017 and few knew what augmented reality was. We immediately saw a connection tool between analog and digital, between print and animation and we have chosen to experiment once again.

The participation in the project was enormous, great artists and the most disparate techniques right from the start; a debut with 16 participants up to what is now the complete collection: 60 illustrations, animated and sound, visible in augmented reality. This is Alchemica: a choral, passionate, and itinerant exhibition that never ceases to amaze every time it is set up.

Countless cities and festivals that have hosted it, in Italy and around the world: Milan, Turin, Florence, Dubai, London, Detroit … Lucca Comics, Illustrious festivals, Milan Design Week .. just to name a few.

The very name of Alchemica comes from alchemy which by metaphorical definition is an unusual combination of elements, which leads to an extraordinary result, to an original and refined effect. These elements are people with their worlds, their knowledge, and their passions.

If you haven’t made it in time but you are curious to see the project, we have tried to summarize it here: https://alkanoids.it/work/alchemica/

We will continue to take Alchemica around to other fantastic locations, our team is available for any requests in this regard.

Write us at alchemica.gallery@gmail.com and follow our ig @alchemica_gallery