THISCOVER This is what we do for thiscover project 1. What thiscover is? We are super happy to have joined the thiscover project by contributing with the creation of various animated covers. Thiscover is a project born from the passion for music and album covers that marked — and keep marking — the history of music […]

MIAMI Festival

MIAMI FESTIVAL Opener – Branding We created the image of the Miami music festival 2020. Starting from the “fruit of desire” concept, we created a 3D set of imaginary, succulent and colorful fruits that recall the parts of the body involved in desire. Texture, color and shape are the protagonists in the compositions of these […]

Balcony Stories /// GFX Pack

BALCONY STORIES GFX Show Pack Our home walls can be a limit… or a unique opportunity to be creative, to express ourselves and stay connected? Balcony Stories is a full GFX pack for the new show on MTV, VH1, Paramount, Comedy Central, Bet & Spike Client: Viacom EMEAA Direction: Alkanoids Producer: Raffaella Roccella, Stefania Romano 2D […]

Emporio Armani /// Sneakers Cult

EMPORIO ARMANI Cult Sneakers launch video Social video created for the launch of the new cult sneakers by Emporio Armani. A stream of dynamic and morphing animations that tell the brand’s bright and colorful images. Take a step into the future with the #EmporioArmani sneakers. Client: Emporio Armani Direction: Alkanoids Producer: Stefania Romano 3D Modeling: […]

MTV Hits /// Opener

MTV HITS TV Show GFX Pack 2D, 3D animation, logo design all mixed together for a fun, sparkling and colorful opener for an iconic MTV program. Client: Viacom MTV Supervisor: Luca Dusio Direction: Alkanoids 3D Design: Marco Serracca 2D Design: Marco Meloni Related Works

RealTime – Matrimonio a prima vista /// Opener

MATRIMONIO A PRIMA VISTA RealTime GFX Show Pack What is the secret formula of love? An exploration of 3D characters tells how in a Willy Wonka-style factory are assembled the characters of the future spouses of “Marriage at first sight” flagship program broadcast on Real Time and Dplay of the Discovery group. Client: NonPanic Executive […]

TV8 – Pedro! /// Opener

PEDRO! TV8 Opener A 3D journey between fabrics, textures and particles in the crazy and colorful world of Pedro Almodovar. Logo, opener and graphic package for a show dedicated to the great director aired on TV8 – Sky. Client: SKY Italia TV8 Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda Direction: Alkanoids Art Director: Valerio Bosi 3D Artist: Marco […]

Coliac /// Digital Promotion

COLIAC F/W 19 Digital Promotion Coliac is a young and innovative fashion brand that has given us the opportunity to experiment with different techniques from 3D to type animation. Client: Coliac Direction: Alkanoids Design: Valerio Bosi, Mario Ruggiero, Marco Serracca Animation: Mario Ruggiero, Valerio Bosi Sound: Smider Agency Related Works

TV8 – 007 /// Opener

TV8 – 007 Show Opener Guns, roulette, Aston Martin and diamonds: the world of 007 in 3D long shot environments that open all the episodes of the Saga broadcast on Tv8 Sky. Client: Sky Italia – TV8 TV8 Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda Direction: Alkanoids Art Director: Valerio Bosi Related Works