MIELE - MDW 2024

Video installation

Multimedia Installation for Miele at the Milan Fuori Salone

Alkanoids studio is proud to present our latest project: three evocative videos created for the Miele flagship store during the Milan Fuori Salone, in collaboration with Black Mongoose.

Oven: Desert Heat

A lateral tracking shot takes us from an indoor to an outdoor setting, evoking the desert heat and the power of the Miele oven.

Dishwasher: Water Purity

Spheres fall onto the water in an upward camera movement, symbolizing the purity of the Miele dishwasher’s washing cycle.

Coffee Machine: Sunset Colors

With warm tones like coffee, the camera retreats from the inside to the outside during a sunset, highlighting the comfort of the Miele coffee machine.

This installation provided visitors with an immersive experience that celebrates the innovation and elegance of Miele appliances.

Client: MIELE
Creativity and 3D production: ALKANOIDS
Project Manager: Manolo Turri
Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo
3D artist: Valerio Bosi, Marilisa Besana, Tommaso Montepoli