Logo Reveal

Our motion design project for Mundys company, in collaboration with Media Monks, focused on a captivating 3D logo unveiling experience.
We showcased Mundys’ expertise in Mobility, Green (sustainability), and Infrastructure through advanced 3D animation. The logo customization seamlessly integrated the Mundys logo with elements representing each field.
Dynamic visuals and sleek designs symbolized Mobility, while nature-inspired imagery highlighted Green. Infrastructure elements like highways and airports emphasized Mundys’ proficiency. The project delivered a visually stunning and immersive experience that effectively communicated Mundys’ expertise and reinforced their position as a leader in these areas.

Client: Mundys

Agency: Media Monks

Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo

Executive Producer: Raffaella Roccella

Coordinator: Stefania Romano

Art Direction: Valerio Bosi

3D Artist: Valerio Bosi, Marilisa Besana