ROME 2018

Brand Identity

We have been selected to create the Promax BDA 2018 brand in Rome. The concept starts from the question: how do we feed our creativity? Promax BDA is an event rich in content that breaks the routine and recharges the push of every creative. Pause, thought, change of path are as important as the act of creating itself.

Client: Promax BDA, Steve Kazanjian, Lester Mordue

Direction: Alkanoids

Art Direction: Valerio Bosi, Mario Ruggiero

3D Artist: Mario Ruggiero, Valerio Bosi, Marilisa Besana

2D Artist: Fabio Valesini, Alessandro Nobile, Marco Meloni

Plasticine Artist: Stefano Colferai

Edit: Marcella Piscitelli

Sound Design: Valerio Palermo