Open Title

We were commissioned by Amazon Prime Video to create the opening title for the new series “Gigolò per caso”. The series is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a man who, due to an unexpected event, finds himself working as a gigolo.
Our goal was to create a credit sequence that was both funny, ironic, and intriguing, in line with the spirit of the series.

Client: Amazon Prime – Lucky Red 

Creative director: Tai Yuh Kuo 

Executive producer: Raffaella Roccella 

Coordinator: Stefania Romano 

Art direction: Marilisa Besana, Alessandro Nobile 

Storyboarding: Marilisa Besana 

Illustration: Chiara Ghigliazza 

Logo design: Fabrizio Falcone 

Character rig & loop animation: Ilaria Pozzi 

Frame by frame animation: Alessandro Nobile 

2d animation: Alessandro Nobile, Marilisa Besana 

3D elements: Marilisa Besana

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