Italian Genius – TV Show Opener

Italian Genius

ITALIAN GENIUS RAI Docuseries Opener Italian Genius is a docu-series in which innovators are told in the world’s most spoken language: creativity. How does entrepreneurial excellence arise from the power of an idea? Starting from this brief we have created this 3d animated opening. Client: 42 Parallelo – Rai  Creative Director: Tai Yuh Kuo Producer: […]

MTV Hits /// Opener

MTV HITS TV Show GFX Pack 2D, 3D animation, logo design all mixed together for a fun, sparkling and colorful opener for an iconic MTV program. Client: Viacom MTV Supervisor: Luca Dusio Direction: Alkanoids 3D Design: Marco Serracca 2D Design: Marco Meloni Related Works

TV8 – Pedro! /// Opener

PEDRO! TV8 Opener A 3D journey between fabrics, textures and particles in the crazy and colorful world of Pedro Almodovar. Logo, opener and graphic package for a show dedicated to the great director aired on TV8 – Sky. Client: SKY Italia TV8 Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda Direction: Alkanoids Art Director: Valerio Bosi 3D Artist: Marco […]

Sky – 100% Cinema /// Opener

100X100 CINEMA SKY Cinema Show Opener The word “cinema” comes from the Greek κίνημα and means movement. Starting from this concept and pure 2D design, we developed the logo and opener of the Sky Cinema news and insights program. Client: Sky Cinema Italia Direction: Alkanoids Design: Marco Meloni, Valerio Bosi Sound Design: Fabio di Santo, Daniele […]

RAI – Rabona /// Opener

RAI – RABONA Show Opener Rabona is one of the most famous tricks in football. Logo, opener and branding of a football program broadcast on Rai, all done in traditional animation. Client: RAI Chief of Brand & Creative: Roberto Bagatti Direction: Alkanoids Illustration & Animation: Fabio Valesini Design & Animation: Marco Meloni Additional Animation: Marilisa […]

Promax Rome /// Opener

PROMAX BDAROME 2018 Brand Identity We have been selected to create the Promax BDA 2018 brand in Rome. The concept starts from the question: how do we feed our creativity? Promax BDA is an event rich in content that breaks the routine and recharges the push of every creative. Pause, thought, change of path are […]

TV8 – Cinema 8 /// Opener

TV8 – CINEMA 8 Show Opener This opener takes us on a synthetic journey, from script to mix, into the world of cinema with a minimalist 3D design and rhythmic animation. Client: TV8 TV8 Creative Supervisor : Costanza Bombarda Direction: Alkanoids Design & Animation: Valerio Bosi Related Works