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We conceive stories, images, characters, ideas. We are a design and animation studio.
We keep searching, experimenting and sharing. We grow.
Our studio doesn't end at the office walls. People step in, people fly away.
We do have a kitchen. We cook workflows, feedbacks, relations, techniques.
And we love to talk. So contact us if you are a client, a designer, 
a visual artist, a student or whatever you are. 
We are a colourful creativity net where everyone love to get caught.
We are a big community.
We are Alkanoids.​​​​​​​
Manolo Turri - Project Manager
Raffaella Roccella - Creative Producer
Tai Yuh Kuo - Creative Director
Motion Designers
Valerio Bosi
Mario Ruggiero
Marilisa Besana
Alessandro Nobile
Marco Meloni
Marco Serracca
Marcella Piscitelli
Carolina Riva
Studio Assistant
Stefania Romano

via Pollaiuolo 15 /// 20159 Milan - Italy
p.iva 07782600964
we are looking for talented designers
send your stuff al
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