THISCOVER This is what we do for thiscover project 1. What thiscover is? We are super happy to have joined the thiscover project by contributing with the creation of various animated covers. Thiscover is a project born from the passion for music and album covers that marked — and keep marking — the history of music […]

Skatebord Art in AR

AR SKATEBOARD Augmented Reality Skateboard Artistic project by BONOBOLABO in collaboration with various illustrators and the technical partnership with Augmented Reality platform ARIA. All AR skateboards are available for purchase at Artistic Project: Bonobolabo Animation Direction: Alkanoids Illustrator: Ale Giorgini, Van Orton, Mauro Gatti, Gummy Gue, Lilly Meraviglia, Nemo’s, Camilla Falsini, Laurina Paperina, Marcantonio, Millo Animator: […]