Fighting Coronavirus pandemic with animated videos

Sometime ago, we written an article on our Linkedin profile about how coronavirus pandemic changed sales and marketing of various types of products.

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Why Animated Videos Are the Best Fit for Businesses in COVID 19 Era

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging the world at present, sales and marketing of various types of products have become extremely difficult.

Apart from the daily update in the rising number of deaths recorded due to the pandemic, social distancing has also made it quite difficult for organizations to determine the best content fit for their audience at this time.

Despite these, organizations are still in search of great ways to keep their companies healthy, increase engagement, and also yield a high return on investment.

One of the best ways through which organizations can do this is through the use of animated videos, which have become quite essential at this time when live-action videos very difficult to shoot due to social distancing.

Why animated videos? 

Before the coronavirus era, videos and motion graphics have been used by various organizations to draw traffic to their websites. Right now, when the stay at home order has been imposed in almost all countries of the world, videos have even become the perfect choice for brands that want to build customer loyalty, make sales and stay ahead of their competitors.

However, live-action video production seems very difficult at the moment due to social distancing, and this is why the best option for organizations at the moment is to employ the use of animated videos.

Animated videos, unlike live-action videos, can be created by professionals from the comfort of their homes. They have become more powerful tools for digital marketing.

The power of 2D videos is in the fact that they are positioned to uniquely tell the story of your product in a fun and engaging way. 

Why Use Animated Videos For Your Business?

The use of animated videos in business offers so many benefits that include the following: 

  • Animated videos tell stories from a human angle: At the moment, so many organizations are looking for ways to stay connected and engage their audience right from the comfort of their homes. Brands are also looking for ways to harness the power of visual storytelling in reaching their customers. Animated videos are uniquely positioned to bring such stories to life for your business. For instance, if you want to show how your company is giving back to the society during this era of coronavirus, you can have a good animated video production firm use human elements in the form of animated characters to bring your story to life. 

Cost-effective: The use of animated videos in sales and marketing is much cheaper than live-action videos that need a whole set of the logistics team. For live-action videos, you may need to scout for location, contract crews, rent equipment, and also prepare for post-production. However, the use of animated video is a simple and effective way to market your products and services and also grab the attention of your target audience. Animated videos has the ability to express a matter in a few minutes, thereby saving you lots of time and effort. 

  • Boost Conversion Rates: One beautiful thing about animated videos is that they do not only engage your customers, but they also inspire them to make a purchase of your product and also increase profits. Using augumemted reality videos on your landing page, can help increase your conversion rate radically.
  • Improve SEO: Some business owners might not know this, but the truth remains that Google also loves animated videos. Therefore one of the best ways to rank your website and improve SEO is through the use of animated videos. They make your business visible and accessible to potential clients.
  • Gives a better understanding of your product: Animated videos are powerful tools to help clients understand your products better. The facts remain that when a customer does not understand what you are selling, they may not buy the products. However, animated videos explain in details the function of your products in an easy to understand way.


Finally, animated videos are of great importance in the sales and marketing of every product, especially in this era where coronavirus is ravaging the world. They are effective tools for marketing and promotion of your business and services.

However, it is vital to note that not all animated videos go viral, and that is why you need to think creatively and try out a few different ideas while creating your video. As an alternative, it is vital to hire a professional animated video production firm that can make the best animated and 3D videos for you.

Now with the Alkanoids team, we are helping a lot of companies to design the best 2D, 3D, and augmented reality videos that do not only engage their customers but also give life to their story.