Everything you have to do to have fun with Augumented reality, is simply download the Aria App, available both for Android and iOS, point the camera and enjoy the augumented reality experience.

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[Augmented Reality] thiscover, visually shaping the world of music

thiscover is a project born in 2019 from the passion for music albums that marked — and keep marking — the history of music and everyone’s imaginary.

Yuh Kuo Tai, Marco Meloni, and Susanna Basone are the creatives who conceived the project involving different motion designers to pick their favorite records and create animations starting from the original artwork: the result can be seen in augmented reality thanks to ARIA the AR platform app [free and available both on iOS and Android stores].

New amazing digital contents made of images and sounds directly stuck on the cover!

The experience starts from the cover image created by an artist and from the musical content itself. From here the animators and sound designers create their interpretation of the cover and the meaning of the album.

The designers’ choice of the album starts with the ones they are most fond of, and this creates emotional connection and great involvement in the work.

Even the very important audio part passes by a reinterpretation of the sound of the disc.

The idea of connecting an “ancient” medium such as vinyl to a digital content and moreover accessible with the amazing AR tool seemed immediately explosive.

There is something powerful, nostalgic and revolutionary in this connection, as if suddenly that science fiction film imaginary finally took shape.

The ability to create content that is suddenly visible on analog media, vinyl covers, present all over the world, even in dusty and abandoned caves is much more than exciting, it’s like sending a global message that is not only digitally on social media, but which must be sought and discovered.


A “treasure hunt”, the animation in this case, which has involved thousands of music and vinyl fans all over the world.

Alkanoids participated in the project by animating several covers.

thiscover is in flux and open to all the designers fond of music. They can contact thiscover and participate with their animations.

To join the project ig @thiscover__