Alkanoids is a creative studio based in Milan. 

We love giving shape to stories, we crave and seek out the best way to do it.

Our team is specialized in motion graphics, 2D/3D animation and direction.

You tell us your idea and we’ll bring it to life.


Manolo Turri

Founder & Project Manager

Raffaella Roccella

Founder & Creative Producer

Tai Yuh Kuo

Founder & Creative Director

Valerio Bosi

Art Director, 3D Artist

Mario Ruggiero

Art Director, 3D/2D Artist

Marilisa Besana

Motion Designer, 3D Artist

Alessandro Nobile

Motion Designer, 2D Animation

Marco Meloni

Motion Designer, 2D Animation

Stefania Romano

Studio Assistant

Carolina Riva

Post Coordinator

Maria Cristina Cipriani

Executive Producer

find the shape to tell your story